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“The author chose to use only images as they are a ‘straightforward universal language’. Some might perhaps find this a little intimidating if you’re an origami novice, but this is a very well designed and (to take a word from the subtitle) elegant little book, and as is so often the case, part of good design is clarity. Starting with the two pages describing the folding symbols used, all the illustrations are clearly and systematically laid out, and very inviting for anyone who wants to learn origami and those who are already more expert but would like to try some different projects… In her introduction the author tells us that in the models themselves and the choice to use only illustrations she is ‘… guided by the Japanese notion of shibusa — the striving for balance between simplicity and complexity.’ This is evident throughout, and in addition to the book’s practical applications any bibliophile is likely to find it very attractive simply as a book.” — Phillip Davies, Montessori International July-Sept 2013

Leyla Torres of gave us a fantastic review and made an instructional video for the penguin as well!

“Whether you take this book along for the daily work commute, or reserve it for a rainy and cozy afternoon at home, you will not be disappointed. Once you begin leafing through its well-designed pages, you’ll want to fold everything!” – Leyla Torres,

A wonderful, in-depth review by Sara Adams for Origami USA:

“…The paper it’s printed on, for example, is exquisite. Big publishers will usually prefer standard paper over more expensive variants. I assume it doesn’t pay off in the general case. However, there’s something special about origami books. Many that buy them don’t just love to fold paper, they also love paper itself. So feeling the great quality of the paper while leafing through the book is a true pleasure to me. I couldn’t stop myself from stroking the cover and the pages carefully several times, enjoying the feel of the paper, smiling to myself.

There are other hints of the great quality of this first publication by Busy Hands Books, which was specifically set up to publish Origami for All. The subtitle of the book, Elegant Designs from Simple Folds carries through not only in the origami designs – more on that later – but also in the presentation of the book. The cover is held deliberately simple, featuring a line drawing of one of Ioana’s designs also presented in the book, a penguin. It is dark blue, just like the print inside – another detail that gives this book its own character. Elegant is definitely one of the terms that I’d use to describe the book…”

“…True to its subtitle the designs are simple, and yes, elegant. The diagrams are very clear, Eric Gjerde did a wonderful job presenting Ioana Stoian’s designs in a very accessible way. No explanatory text accompanies the step diagrams, and there is no need – a testimony to the quality of the diagrams. This also enabled Ioana and Eric to present the book in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese. The introduction, the pages explaining all folding symbols and basic folds, as well as all names of the designs presented are translated into these five languages. Finally, being able to omit adjoining text makes the presentation that tad more elegant, that simple elegance that can only be achieved with a minimalistic approach. Ah, I suppose it’s obvious I quickly and deeply fell in love with the book, and I haven’t even really talked about the designs themselves yet…”

Clever and simple designs and simply illustrated

There are 16 easy-to-fold designs that only need the clear diagrams to guide you. Ms. Stoian has demonstrated that less is more in her first book. The beautifully-printed deep navy blue ink on fine cream paper lends an understated elegance as well.  —Jeff Rutzky

A perfect introduction to origami

The subtitle of Ioana Stoian’s book is “elegant designs from simple folds”. And actually that is almost all you can say about the book. It sums it all up perfectly.

Then again this book deserves a whole lot more of praise. It features 16 cool models whose folding sequences are all quite simple indeed. No overly fancy and complicated manoeuvres are needed. Now, you might think that from such simple folds nothing very interesting could be achieved. But in fact it’s just the opposite! Ioana’s models all posses a very clear sense of minimalism and elegance. The essence of each model is found and displayed. Everything that is needed is there yet nothing unnecessary remains.

One feature of Ioana’s models appeals to me particularly – they all have clear reference points to fold them. You know that sometimes in simple models you have folds à la “fold the corner to a point close to the diagonal and about 1/3 from the edge”. Not so here – whenever you need a certain reference it’s first achieved by some simple folds. I personally enjoy this very much :)

Apart from the models this book also looks very beautiful. Due to its format you can easily carry it with you to any place you want. The colour of the pages is not white but a cream/light beige and the ink is actually a very dark blue which makes for a extremely pleasant combination. The diagrams (done by Eric Gjerde) are really clear and elegant, too. They are a joy to watch even from an aesthetic point of view, even if you don’t fold them.

All in all this book is a more than worthy addition to every collection of origami books. It’ll serve particularly well if you want to introduce somebody to origami because it conveys the joy, the beauty and the wonder of the art perfectly on so many levels.  —Robin

Einfach toll!

Dieses Origamibuch beinhaltet perfekte Anleitungen, die ohne Worte auskommen und trotzdem – oder gerade deshalb – klar und leicht zu verstehen sind. Die Modelle sind einfach aber sehr vielseitig und laden dazu ein, die Formen weiterzudenken und umzuwandeln. Besonders toll finde ich die Auswahl der Modelle: Nützliches wie ein Kartenhalter oder eine Schachtel, entzückende Tiere wie der Pinguin oder der Fisch und Schmückendes wie das Armband oder die Brosche… Ich selber falte schon jahrelang, bin aber immer wieder begeistert, wie viel Freude gerade einfache Modelle bereiten!  —Julia Schön

Just great!

This perfect origami book contains instructions that even without using words – or perhaps because of – are clear and easy to understand. The models are simple but very versatile and invite you think ahead and convert the forms. I especially like the choice of models: Useful as a card holder or a box, adorable animals like the penguin or the fish and decorative items like a bracelet or brooch … I have folded myself for years, but I am always delighted with much joy to make these simple models! —Julia Schön

gefällt mir gut!

Dieses Origamibuch ist super für Anfänger geeignet oder wenn man mit Kindern faltet. Besonders hervorzuheben sind die gut verständlichen Diagramme (bei manchen Origamibüchern kann man diesen schlecht folgen). Super ist auch die Übersetzung der Titel und Erklärungen in verschiedene Sprachen (Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Deutsch und Japanisch). Mein Fazit: Kleines nettes Origamibuch! —FRBine

I really like it!

This origami book is perfect for beginners or if you fold with children. Particularly noteworthy are the easily understood diagrams (some origami books are hard to follow). The translation of the titles and explanations in several languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese) is super. My conclusion: Small cute origami book! —FRBine


…Ton livre est super, il y a des modèles pour tous, petits et grands, et ils sont sources de nouvelles inspirations. —Marie-Noëlle BECKER


Your book is great, there are styles for everyone, young and old, and they are a source of new inspiration. —Marie-Noëlle BECKER