Book tour!

I am very pleased to announce that the book is now available for purchase. I’m happy with how it turned out and I hope you will be too.

Eric and I have just returned from the German Origami Convention in Weimar and the French Origami Convention in Dijon, where the book was well received. I look forward to hearing from those who now have a copy and seeing the models in all kinds of papers and sizes.
Our next stop is Kraków, the Polish Origami Convention on May 29th- 2nd June.
Copies will be available and I’ll be around to sign them.


I will be holding a free workshop at Captured on the Rye in East Dulwich on 22nd May from 4-5pm.
Come along and join the fun!

We will set up an ‘events’ section on the website shortly. If you would like to have an origami workshop in your local school/library/bookshop/cafe let them know or contact me. I’m based in South East London.

Hope to fold with you soon!

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