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All Things Paper

I’d like to say a big thank you to Ann Martin from All Things Paper for her thorough and positive review. She has done a great job folding the models and I love her choice of paper for the little boxes. Ann spends a lot of time keeping her website up to date, if you’re into paper, this is definitely one to follow.

Ann has recently published her own book, “All Things Paper“, which includes 20 crafty projects that are all made out of paper. Some of the projects are more complicated than others and a few require tools, but if you enjoy playing with paper, this is a great book to have. I’d say the that the target audience is adolescents and upwards, it’s probably more for experienced crafters or those looking for a challenge. There’s a huge variety of projects to choose from and each one has clear step by step photographs and excellent explanations. The layout is very easy to follow and nearly every page has a ‘helpful tip’. I haven’t tried any of the projects yet,  but I’m looking forward to making the silhouette portrait art and the everyday tote bag, which is super cool!

Here’s a snippet of her review:

I especially like what I call useful origami… the place card holder and heart are perfect examples of this. Use the flat-folded heart to decorate a Valentine and dress up a table with the simple place marker. Not only is it self-supporting, but it’s also reusable… just slip in a different name card each time.


Here are a couple of little two-part boxes that are helping to sort the clutter of small items in my desk drawer. (I’m rather fond of that pup paper clip. :)) I’m also planning to make the stylish brooch and cuff bracelet from beautiful specialty papers and will wear them proudly.

origami heart

Try your hand at the heart by following the diagrams provided on the book’s website. The projects are suitable for ages 9 and up and would be perfect to collaborate on as family projects. With the holidays on the way, there’s a wonderful pleated bat and Christmas tree.

Thank you Ann, for the lovely review! I’ll be trying my hand at some of the fantastic projects in her book over the next few weeks and sharing them with you here. As a papermaker, I’m always fascinated with how paper can be transformed in so many different ways. I look forward to exploring Ann’s book, playing with paper, and showing you the results!