Monthly Archives: July 2013

Origami Spirit

I’m a great fan of, a carefully curated selection of beautiful and interesting posts relating to origami put together by Leyla Torres. It really is a pleasure to peruse her website, the well staged photos and beautiful paper are a treat!

I was very honored for Leyla to review my book, and what a great review she wrote! Her website is not only in English, but in Spanish too! I strongly support her bi-lingual efforts —we translated all the text in Origami for All into five languages hoping to make it more widely accessible.

Leyla has also made a superb video of how to fold the penguin (one of my favourite models in the book). Her video is flawless, she explains each step very clearly.I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Thank you, Leyla!

The Book Depository

I have noticed quite a few book orders coming to our distributor from The Book Depository in the UK recently. I thought it worth mentioning to any potential purchasers that this is a great company, quite often selling as a third party seller on Amazon. They sell my book at list price or at a discount and offer FREE worldwide shipping with prompt delivery. For those living outside the EU wanting to buy a copy, this is probably your best option! Our distributor works with them frequently and they ship quickly.

And please, do not forget to review the book, even if it’s just a few words to share your thoughts with others. Good reviews help others to know more about the book, and we’ve been very happy with the positive feedback and good energy we’ve received from our readers!

Thank you very much for your support. All sales are put towards my next book… :)

Art in Action 2013

We are very proud to be participating in Art in Action 2013 from August 18th to 21st. This is a wonderful event with international artists demonstrating their skills, practical classes, lectures, performances and of course food! We will be teaching during the event, sharing our enthusiasm for paper folding.

It looks like the sun will be shining brightly for us, so come along and have some fun!