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Fantastic Review from Sara Adams!

Sara Adams has written a wonderful review of Origami for All for Origami USA’s magazine, The Fold.

“…The paper it’s printed on, for example, is exquisite. Big publishers will usually prefer standard paper over more expensive variants. I assume it doesn’t pay off in the general case. However, there’s something special about origami books. Many that buy them don’t just love to fold paper, they also love paper itself. So feeling the great quality of the paper while leafing through the book is a true pleasure to me. I couldn’t stop myself from stroking the cover and the pages carefully several times, enjoying the feel of the paper, smiling to myself.

There are other hints of the great quality of this first publication by Busy Hands Books, which was specifically set up to publish Origami for All. The subtitle of the book, Elegant Designs from Simple Folds carries through not only in the origami designs – more on that later – but also in the presentation of the book. The cover is held deliberately simple, featuring a line drawing of one of Ioana’s designs also presented in the book, a penguin. It is dark blue, just like the print inside – another detail that gives this book its own character. Elegant is definitely one of the terms that I’d use to describe the book…”

“…True to its subtitle the designs are simple, and yes, elegant. The diagrams are very clear, Eric Gjerde did a wonderful job presenting Ioana Stoian’s designs in a very accessible way. No explanatory text accompanies the step diagrams, and there is no need – a testimony to the quality of the diagrams. This also enabled Ioana and Eric to present the book in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese. The introduction, the pages explaining all folding symbols and basic folds, as well as all names of the designs presented are translated into these five languages. Finally, being able to omit adjoining text makes the presentation that tad more elegant, that simple elegance that can only be achieved with a minimalistic approach. Ah, I suppose it’s obvious I quickly and deeply fell in love with the book, and I haven’t even really talked about the designs themselves yet…”

Sara has done a great, in-depth write-up, and I highly recommend giving it a read if you’re curious about the book. Long story short, she loved it, and we’re so happy to read that in a review!

So far so good!

One month has passed since we launched our book and the response has been fantastic! This is one of the best projects I’ve ever done — so much positive energy has been sent my way from people I’ve never met. I’m still working hard on getting the book in stock at more independent bookshops. I am eager to promote this art form, and I am happy to come and do a free workshop to introduce this fun activity. We’ve been to quite a few European origami conventions and the response has been great!

Here are a few photos from other folders online:

Origami Monk

Origami Penguin

elegant penguin

Origami Hearts

Origami Fish

Origami Bracelet

simple seal

flat pack box

Bracelet by Ioana